Advantages of Nitrogen tyre inflation

Advantages of Nitrogen tyre inflation Nitrogen tyre inflation is the process of inflating tyres with pure nitrogen. Nitrogen inflated tyres are mostly used in passenger aircrafts, Air Force jets, trucks, race cars and on vehicles those are used in mining and other industrial applications. Though only the aircrafts, mining vehicles and race cars use Nitrogen inflated tyres now; it is expected that within the next few years, mass people will start using this tyre. This is simply because, this type of tyres are best than the rest. Compared to compressed air, Nitrogen inflated tyres have many advantages.

Some of the advantages are as below: ? Nitrogen inflated tyres keeps the temperature cooler compared to other types of types. If Nitrogen is used, tyres of the cars run much cooler. Cooler means longevity. ? The pressure loss is slower in Nitrogen inflated tyres. It means, Nitrogen inflated tyres require less number of refilling, compared to other types of tyres. ? The rubbers used in all types of tyres, including Nitrogen inflated tyres, are not 100% waterproof.

Nitrogen is better compared to the compressed air, as it bleeds through the inner liner of tyre at a slower rate, meaning this type of tyres last long. ? Nitrogen inflated tyres cause fewer blowouts compared to any other types of tyres. ? The Nitrogen inflated tyres are mostly designed to take account of moisture in normal air.

As consequences, the tyre does not get damaged easily. Usually, cars tyres are inflated with compressed air. Compressed air has some portion of it as nitrogen but not all of it. On the other hand, a Nitrogen inflated tyre has 95% nitrogen inside; unlike any other types of tyres.

For inflating nitrogen in the car tyres, a special type of machine is required. In today's context, all the service stations and gas stations do not have the machines to store and generate nitrogen. The machines that inflate nitrogen in car tyres are widely seen at air ports, mining fields and in racing tracks. Apart than the machines, portable bottles can be used to inflate Nitrogen into the tyres. However, the installed machines are cost effective compared to the portable bottles. Most of the Formula 1 racing cars use Nitrogen inflated tyres as these types of tyres ensure more speed and reliability.

Nitrogen inflated tyres are also used in situations where tyre temperatures gets high such as in aircraft or where the risk of explosion is high such as during handling hazardous materials. In such circumstances, Nitrogen offers better stability. Good news is, many gas stations are now installing such machines as demand for nitrogen tyres has increased in the recent past. Most tyre retailers those use the machines to inflate Nitrogen in the tyres of all kind of vehicles including passenger cars, four-wheel-drives, vans and light trucks. Several researches have shown that nitrogen inflated tyres are strong and long-lasting than other tyres.

Therefore, the cars those run very fast or in hot temperature should have Nitrogen inflated tyres. When are you inflating your tyres with nitrogen?.

David Lynes is the author of this article on Nitrogen Tyre Inflation. Find more information about Tyre Machines here.


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