Sacramento Safety Fair Pushes Child Safety Warning

April 8, 2006 would be the day of the Sacramento Safety Fair. One of the important topics and messages that this safety fair would be spreading and disseminating to drivers and vehicle owners would be about child safety warnings. This is primarily because reckless and careless driving has been one of the main reasons for injuries and death to children.Despite laws in various states that protect children from any kind of vehicular accidents, the statistics on children's fatalities are still alarming. This is one of the reasons for further spreading this campaign on child safety warnings.

Other moves have been the laws passed like in California where all children who are below than 6 years old or weighs less than 60 pounds should be secured in the child passenger restraint seat and should not ride up front.During the said event, there will be a sponsored child safety seat fair by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the 21st Century Insurance. Cars and vehicles would be checked and if there is a necessity to replace or to install new child safety seats, the officers would be doing so.

The new child safety seats were donated by the 21st Century Insurance.Aside from this move, offers from the CHP would also be educating attendees on how to use these newly installed seats.The commission of the CHP, Mike Brown states, "Wearing your seat belt and making sure your children are properly bucked up is the best insurance against being killed or seriously injured in many vehicle crashes." Also, actor Erik Estrada would be assisting in spreading this campaign. Estrada states, "I urge all parents to have their child's safety seat inspected.

Just a few minutes could save a life.".


To assist with this campaign on child safety, auto parts stores like Auto Parts Corner has continuously offered durable and quality auto parts that would make a vehicle run smoothly. This assists in keeping a vehicle working well and avoiding any kind of accident, thus keeping children passengers safe as well. Auto Parts Corner actually offers a wide array of specially crafted auto parts for specific vehicles and the list include Isuzu parts, Acura parts and Plymouth parts to name a few.

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By: Tracy Dawson


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Sacramento Safety Fair Pushes Child Safety Warning - April 8, 2006 would be the day of the Sacramento Safety Fair.

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