Fleet Truck Oil Change Services and Corporate Onsite Oil Changes

When marketing to companies with fleets of vehicles for lube and oil change services you need to consider many factors. When selling to human resource directors of large corporations to have permission to change oil in the employees cars on the property this is a little more difficult. Doing business with businesses makes a lot of sense really for a mobile oil change and lube company and this discussion recently came up with a couple of entrepreneurs in the sector. One gentleman stated;."But not every business has a fleet of vehicles. And I position my service to be a benefit not only to the employee, but also the employer.

The employer benefits because the employees perceive that the employer has brought me in and negotiated a discount on their behalf.".Indeed excellent point and when selling to corporations you also need to push the concept of convenience, amenities, benefit to working there. This will please the human resource director, which seem to always be interested in having happy campers as employees.

"The key for me has been to build relationships with the HR professionals within the companies.".Building relationships may take too long, but I agree it is the key to a successful business long-run and you should be keeping lists and hang out at Starbucks and pay attention and go get the Houston "Book of Lists" too. Yes all that, but position your company as a Community Player and great company and then they come to you. Meanwhile hit them with your "Blitz Marketing" type campaigns;.



If you will concentrate on your fleet business and your on-site corporate business in a sort of 80/20 market mix split then you will always have cross-referrals and be able to continue to grow your business. I sincerely hope you will consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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