Great Ways To Use Your Magellan GPS Navigation System In Your Ford F

GPS or Global Positioning Systems is a very common term. Magellan® is the consumer brand of Thales Navigation, one of the world's leading innovators of navigation and positioning solutions with operations worldwide. Magellan was the brand that introduced the first consumer handheld GPS solution in 1989, and it has maintained its place as a leading global GPS brand for consumers. There are many applications of Global Positioning Systems beyond GPS vehicle tracking or map navigation that everyday people can benefit from. All it takes is a bit of creativity, and some trial and error. Here are a few of the many possibilities that can benefit you right now in your busy and hectic life.

1. Plan a road trip around interesting points of interests, landmarks, campsites, diners, etc, and hear fewer "Are we there yets?"- and of course get the most out of that expensive gas. 2.

Get emergency road side assistance at a touch of a button from your vehicle, so you can get help exactly where and when you need it. If the manufacturer does not provide this with a dealer installed system, after market installations may require a monthly fee. 3. Keep a visual journal and bookmark collection of your favorite hot spots, sceneries, and points of interests, that may not be listed in any travel guide (You can create your own mini travel guides and memories). 4.

Get to your interview, or any important time sensitive destination or engagement, faster by finding shortcuts and correct directions. 5. Find a good Italian restaurant near your movie theatre on the fly. Car navigation systems run off a satellite signal and works like a charm just about anywhere on the planet.

If you're in search of a modern GPS system, then it's imperative to look online. The Internet is loaded with car navigation systems to suit anyone's needs. There are many benefits for the automobile owner to have their vehicle equipped with a GPS navigation system including saving time, fuel economy, safety, and tracking.

Enjoy these benefits for your Ford F150 with an easy to install Magellan in-dash system. We would certainly recommend the Magellan system for any Ford F-150 owner. With product lines in auto navigation and recreational handheld, Magellan's current product line up includes Magellan RoadMate portable auto navigation solutions, eXplorist handhelds, and MapSend mapping and software products. Brandmotion is a brand new way to bring high quality lifestyle customizing choices to consumer vehicle interiors.

We develop, market and distribute integrated accessories to automobile owners. We're automotive interior "real estate developers". We develop integrated consumer content and connect it to Plug-and-Play real estate inside vehicles. We have solutions for many of today's highest volume vehicles.

Melih ("may-lee") Oztalay, CEO SmartFinds Internet Marketing Web: EMail: Tel: (248) 568-2241 Travel Brand Motion style. Brandmotion is a brand new way to bring high quality lifestyle customizing choices to consumer vehicle interiors.


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