Honda Civic SI a Japanese Marvel

The Honda Civic SI has always been a sporty little car, good on gas and great for reliability. Well, maybe not always. The first Honda Civic SI models were fair at best, but in a very short period they got better and better. Today, as of 2006, Honda Civic SI is enjoying its 20th birthday, and is better than ever. All Honda Civic models have made some leaps forward in their 2006 models, including the Honda Civic SI. The first and most obvious change is the overall design and frame.

The exterior has become a whole sleeker and more modern looking, without being cheesy or bubble like. Even though I'm a fan of cars that have a more classic look, the slick cutting edge appearance of the 2006 Honda Civic SI is really sharp. The engine in the newest Honda Civic SI has also been given a serious upgrade. It's been boosted up to a 197 horsepower, 2 liter i-VTEC engine, which given the overall low weight of the car gives it a whole lot of zip. Honda Civic SI's have been noted for their 'zip' in the past, making novel racecars with a little modification, but this newest model hardly needs to be modified.

With an amazingly tight turning radius, good balance and low center of gravity, the Honda Civic SI handles beautifully even at fairly high speeds. Even with the increased power, the new Honda Civic SI model retains the same fuel efficiency of its predecessors, getting around 31 MPG on the highway, and 22 MPG in cities. It is also a certified low emissions vehicle, so the Honda Civic SI is not only fun and sporty but environmentally friendly as well. The inside of the new Honda Civic SI is also looking sleeker and more modern than before.

Like other new Honda Civic models, the Honda Civic SI now comes with the option of having a satellite navigational system. I find this feature especially handy; even though the technology is still in a somewhat early stage, it's a great tool to have if you drive in unfamiliar areas a lot. The Honda Civic SI is overall a very good car for its price tag.

The advances to the 2006 model have made it something of a phenomenon, and it has been receiving a lot of high praise from car reviewers. Of course, it is a two-door vehicle, so it suffers from the same space limitations as the previous versions, but if that isn't a problem for you then you should take a serious look at the Honda Civic SI if you're looking for a new car.

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