How Do You Parallel Park

Most drivers would attest that parallel parking is possibly one of the hardest parts that they would have to learn in driving. Even experienced drivers would even share that this kind of move actually still brings some sweat out. On the other hand, automobile experts suggest that if you would really like to do parallel parking with ease, it is best if you practice much. By doing so, you become used to the whole drill and everything comes as second nature to you.Keeping your mind and concentration on the whole task ahead would help you out do parallel parking. Also, it is important that you are calm and collected as to go through the whole experience.

Now, to parallel park, you should use your turn signal. This would indicate exactly the direction of the parking spot or area that you are intending to park on.On the other hand, if the space is not yet vacant but you notice that the car occupying that spot is about to leave, wait behind the spot so that you can park there.

When the spot is already vacant, pull ahead of it. Pull up until you have actually found your car beside the car parked in front of the space you are planning on occupying.Make sure that your rear bumper should be even with that other car's rear bumper. You should have about two feet of road between your car and the car you pulled up beside.Start putting your car in reverse and begin backing up slowly.As soon as you get the start moving, turn the steering wheel as far as it will go towards the curb.

Then, back slowly into the space. When you see that the back of your car's front door is already even with the rear bumper of the car beside you, you should start turning the wheel away from the curb. Keep on turning the wheel away from the curb while backing slowly into the space.Then, straighten out the wheel.You should pull forward or back into the space.

You should do this to actually center your car between the cars in front of you and behind you. Remember that your car should be around six to eight inches from the curb when you are already parked on the spot you chose.


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By: Margaret Adams


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