How to Get Into Mobile Auto Detailing

For those of us who love cars an auto detailing business seems to be a good choice for a business to get into. You get paid to hang around and make the most exotic and pristine cars look even better. There is a sense of accomplishment when you are done too as you see that mirror shine.Starting an auto detailing shop can be expensive of course, however if you start a mobile detailing company, well that does not cost a lot and all you need is some business cards, equipment and a good head for marketing and customer service. Well, you also need to know something about cars and work your way into the tougher jobs of buffing and using buffers without damaging paint later.You can get started with a complete auto detailing rig and all the equipment you need for about $3,000 and you can do this by putting together all the components yourself or buying a package that is available, for perhaps a little more money.

Sometimes that makes sense, as it would come with manuals and other important things that you might need if you had no experience at all or were a little unsure of yourself.There are several companies, which put together these packages across the nation and surely one within driving distance of you. Some actually have training days, which also makes a lot of sense if you are still new at it. Something to think about? Consider this in 2006.


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