No Speed Limits

If you love cars and bikes like I do, and you just can't get enough and like me have spent hours on the internet searching for sites, blogs and other ways to find car photos and more, then look no further. For me finding individuals that share the same passion as I do when it comes to cars and bikes has always been a challenge, I mean having a chat software that allows me to enter a room for bikes and car lovers is just not enough, in fact I had pretty much resigned to my fate when I came across some great sites and blogs. Today there are specialized social networking sites like www.nospeedlimits.

eu that allow car and bike fans like me to actually have our own web profile, with tons of pictures of the latest luxury cars, and sports bikes. In fact in addition most sites like have a blog as well, so if people want to interact freely, or discuss the latest in car and auto news they can simply post their thoughts and get answers and inputs from other people.

In fact if you are considering joining a community of like minded individuals then its a good idea to join a website that allows you to freely voice chat and video chat with other members, and in addition also choose which members you want to 'hang out with' through a friends list. One of the biggest features to look for in any social networking site, or interactive site is chatting. Chat like video and voice chat adds a whole new dimension, and allows people to share videos of their favourite bikes and cars without any hassle, in addition to video and voice chat, a majority of the sites I visited also offered me an opportunity to create my own profile.

This is an indispensable feature; by creating a personalised profile it was simpler for other people to see my likes and dislikes, and by looking at profiles of other people I was able to get in touch with people who loved Kawasaki bikes and Ferrari's just like me (who doesn't?). If you are looking at joining a site that allows you to chat with like minded people, or are looking to download tons of pictures and videos about your favourite car and bike, then don't worry, there are specialized sites available now, all you need to do is search for the one you want to be part of, it does not always have to be a social networking site, you could just join a blog, or a file exchange community, its entirely up to you. The advantage of social networking sites is that they usually have a blend of all the features I have just mentioned above, so it makes it simpler for you to find all the features you need in one place, also social networking site are more entertaining as they allow users to interact with each other in real time, not like blogs and emailing. You can speak to a person through video or voice chat, without having to wait for days to get a response. What to look for in Car and Bike site This is a difficult decision, first of all not all car and bike sites are free to use, some usually have a small fees to use their services, if this is the case then make sure that the services you are paying for are really what you want, most social networking based sites have voice and video chat integrated into the site, I personally recommend joining such a site as it makes interacting with other people much more enjoyable. Also make sure the site allows free flow of information between users, by this I mean the site should allow you to send and receive photos, videos etc.

without much fuss. At the end of the day it comes down to a matter of choice, if you don't like social networking sites, then blogs and forums are a better idea.

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