Wind Powered Cars and Their Limitations and Drawbacks

Wind powered cars or assisted hybrid wind powered cars of the future may be a great way to build alternative energy vehicles. Perhaps some bright young entrepreneurial company will come up with a kit you can attach to your current car which will allow it to harness wind energy for propulsion and assist in helping your gasoline mileage and at $3.00 plus per gallon we could all get into that idea for sure; no doubt about it.Some critics of the future wind cars and hybrid wind cars say that there are limitations and drawbacks, such as the time it takes to get up to speed for instance. Backing up or parallel parking might also be a huge dilemma even if you attached a click wheel breaking systems on a spring the last 2 mph before stopping.

In that case you could release it and have only one shot at parallel parking or a perfect shot into the drive way. For those who have drive thru driveways it is not such an issue, other wise it might be a problem pushing your car in or out of the driveway to get going or park it when you get homes you see?.Indeed also wind cars will accelerate and some wind and blow dust depending on design. Similar to a hydro-cushioned vehicles, but this can be good in fog, as a wind car would blow away the fog by re-circulating air, where as a fuel cell during transference might make dangerous advection fog due to the high-heat of the process.Also the blowing dust is an issue with small pebbles and dust getting into the eyes of convertible car drivers and motorcyclists or moped riders, bicyclists and pedestrians; "Whoops there goes my new hat!" Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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